1. Come to the University


University of Agder

Gimlemoen 25

4630 Kristiansand


Get to the university

    • By plane:
      The international Kjevik Airport is located 18 km from the city center. Several daily flights link with Oslo Airport. It is a small international airport with direct connections from/to the main norwegian cities and some european ones.

      From the airport: A local bus will take you in 20-30 minutes to the city center. The bus schedule can be found at: can be bought on the bus, both cash and cards are accepted. For reduced prices, you can buy tickets via the mobile app "AKT Mobilbillett". Please note that the app is only available in Norwegian, but more information and instructions in English can be read here:   

    • On foot:
      If the wather permits, it is possible to walk to the campus from the city center; this would take about 40-45 minutes, fit participants may make it even faster. However, many buses connect the city center and the University.

    • Buses to/from UiA campus:
      There are several buses between the city center and the university: M1, M2, M3, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 35. We suggest you take a bus from one of the stops in Henrik Wergeland's Gate since many of the buses drive past the bus terminal. Please ask at your hotel for directions. It takes approximately 10 minutes with the bus. You get off at Universitetet/Spicheren bus stop and then walk for about 3 minutes to the University.

      The bus schedule can be found at:
      You can pay for a ticket on the bus, both cash and cards are accepted. For reduced prices - see above under "From the airport".

    • Taxi:
      There are normally taxis waiting at the airport. Please kindly note that taxis in Norway are rather expensive, the fare to town (about 18 km) is around 350NOK, the costs are even higher during weekends, early in the morning/late in the night.
      Taxi Sør: phone +47 38 02 80 00 
      Agder Taxi: phone +47 07000

      The overall costs might be lower if you to take a train or bus from the Oslo Airport.
      The Oslo Airport Gardemoen has more connecting flights to national and international cities. The airport is located 370 km from the city center in Kristiansand and 50 km from the city center in Oslo. There are options of taking a train or a bus to Kristiansand.
      By train (approx. 5,5h): There are trains connecting Oslo Airport/ Oslo city center and Kristiansand. Tickets can be bought at 
      By bus (approx. 6,5h):Several buses connects (1) Oslo Airport and the city center in Oslo, and further between (2) the city center in Oslo and the city center in Kristiansand. You can pay for a ticket on the bus, both cash and cards are accepted. Also, you can buy a ticket online at reduced prices, using one of these links:








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